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15 Southlake Lane
Suite 300
Birmingham, AL 35244
(205) 879-2036
1140 St Andrews Road
Suite B
Columnbia, SC 29210
(803) 798-7313
CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER: (Senior Principal) Tony Hazel, PE
CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER: (Senior Principal) Douglas Ferrell
CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER: (Principal) M. Thomas Ferrell, PE



PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS LICENSED STATES: Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Virginia, Missouri, Puerto Rico, Louisiana, Nevada, Ohio, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Colorado, West Virginia, Nebraska, Michigan, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Indiana, Connecticut, District of Columbia, New Mexico, Arizona and Province of Alberta.

Ferrell Engineering provides structural engineering services to the steel fabrication industry. Ferrell Engineering was founded in August 1991. Our structural engineering service specializes in job standards and connection designs for efficient steel fabrication and erection. We also provide design services for handrail and stair systems. Our staff is experienced in erection, detailing and fabrication.

Below is a partial list of projects on which we have been involved with detailing, connection designs, and job standards.

 Boeing - Decatur, AL

 Mobile Convention Center Exhibit Hall - Mobile, AL
 Mobile Government Plaza - Mobile, AL
 Bryant Denny Stadium - Tuscaloosa, AL

 Le Cirque du Soleil - Orlando, FL
 Orange County Convention Center Phase III and IV - Orlando, FL
 Student Life Center Florida State - Tallahassee, FL
 Opryland Hotel & Convention Center - Kissimmee, FL

 Cambridge Hospital - Boston, MA
 Higgins Hall Boston College - Boston, MA
 Dana-Farber Cancer Center - Boston, MA

 Maryland Center for Performing Arts - College Park, MD

 Vaught Hemmingway Stadium - Oxford, MS

 St Louis Convention Center and Stadium - St. Louis, MO

 Atlanta Federal Building - Atlanta, GA
 Lucent Technologies - Atlanta, GA

 Camden Amphitheater - Camden, NJ
 Performing Arts Center - Newark, NJ
 Giants Stadium Addition - Newark, NJ
 Goldman Sachs Phoenix Project - Jersey City, NJ
 Xanadu - Meadowlands, NJ

 MGM City Center - Las Vegas, NV
 Echelon - Las Vegas, NV

 JFK Building #269 - New York, NY
 Renaissance Plaza - Brooklyn, NY
 Harlem USA - New York, NY
 745 7th Avenue - New York, NY
 World Trade Center Building 2, 3 & 7 - New York, NY
 Freedom Tower - New York, NY
 Bronx Criminal Court Complex - New York, NY
 JFK Air Cargo Facility - Long Island, NY
 New York University School of Law - New York, NY
 New York Yankees Ballpark - Bronx, NY
 East River Plaza - East Harlem, NY

 IRS Service Center - Memphis, TN
 Veterans Hospital - Memphis, TN
 Nashville Arena - Nashville, TN
 Knoxville Convention Center - Knoxville, TN
 Memphis Arena - Memphis, TN

 Texas Rangers Ball Park - Arlington, TX
 Performing Arts Center - Fort Worth, TX
 Austin Bergstram Airport - Austin, TX
 American Airlines Arena - Fort Worth, TX

 Mellon Client Service Center - Pittsburgh, PA
 Kvaerner Shipyard - Philadelphia, PA
 Bruner Island FGD Project - York Haven, PA

 U.S. Courthouse - Omaha, NE

 Minnesota Wild Arena - St. Paul, MN

 Multi Sport Complex - Richmond, VA

 Providence Place - Providence, R.I.

 North Charleston Convention Center - Charleston, S.C.

 Washington DC Convention Center - Washington D.C.

 Syncrude UE-1 - Alberta, Canada
 Horizon Co-Generation Facility - Alberta, Canada
 Scotford Upgrader E-1 - Alberta, Canada
 The Bow - Alberta, Canada

 East Kentucky Turbine Building - Maysville, KY

 Belews Creek SCR Addition - Stokes County, NC

 Springerville Unit 4 Power House - Arizona

Ferrell Engineering welcomes the opportunity to be of service to your company. If we can be of assistance, please contact us.

Tony Hazel, CEO
Doug Ferrell, COO
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